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Welcome to CanvasCode. This website is managed by myself Ben Watts. This is a portfolio/notebook sort of website, basically a place I can just put things publically accessible.


Below is a list of my projects which I have worked on over the many years of coding. To read more information or even a download link (if available), please click the specific project to view the details. Disclaimer, many of my older projects I no longer have the source code for, so if you find a bug or a spelling mistake, I apologize.

Vector Zero

A simple space invader game, but this is just the start of a bigger project.

Papa Kanaka

Multiplayer clone of Bomberman, created within three weeks

Eddy Dangerous

My first attempt at making a game with Unity.

Colour Galaxy

A project to create a game with C++ and SFML

Space Destroyer

A Project to see if I could create a Javascript game and then convert it to C++


A small project to test how I could create a dungeon crawler

Sphere Factor

Due to my experience at university I created my first Android game

Butterfly Subdivision

An implementation of Butterfly Subdivision

Space Encounter

First attempt at making a game using the canvas tag in HTML5

Android Network Test

A small Android project to test the difference between TCP and UDP

Gelorph Origins

An ActionScript 3.0 mobile game


An ActionScript 3.0 online multiplayer game for desktop


An RPG based around Terraria

Vector Zero

A top down outerspace battle ship game

Chao Garden

A custom made Chao garden based off Sonic Adventure series

Dungeon Lord

An attempt to create a clone of Swords and Serpents from the Nintendo


A Digivice for your desktop which acts just like an original Digivice

Wrath of the Ages 2

The second installment of Wrath of the Ages

Wrath of the Ages

A huge game which took me 9 months to create using GameMaker

Biohazard War

This was my second project using GameMaker based on Biohazard Battle

Block Destroyer

First game I created at college with GameMaker

Krony the Hedgehog

My first every game creation which was made in Flash