Wrath of the Ages

A huge game which took me a 9 months to create using Gamemaker
  • Made With Game Maker V7 (GML)
  • Built in 2009


Wrath of the Ages was a massive project to me. It took me a total of 9 months to create. It was my first RPG game and to be fair my most fully created game yet. It has multiple classes, talent trees, story, massive areas and so much more. I had no help in creating Wrath of the Ages, but this really helped me understand how a game should hold resources and handle events. While in game press F1 to view the controls, there is a known bug in the desert area (Peia), when you attack one of the pig enemies an error appears, this was ment to spawn a red blood effect. If you just press continue alot it will go away and you can continue, also the warrior's skill Ground Slam doesn't work. I can not fix these due to losing the original gmk file. Thanks to RPG maker 2000 and Zelda: Link to the Past as graphics and sounds were taken from both and used in this project. I Make no money from this project what so ever, but the enjoyment from creating this game was awesome.