Vector Zero V1

A simple space invader game, but this is just the start of a bigger project.
  • Made with Unity & C#
  • Built in 2018


Vector Zero was an idea I had many years ago which I created a proto-type using XNA and C# in 2011. Nothing came of this due to me being busy with University. However I have always kept the concept in the back of my mind and added things to it for many years but have never worked on it since.

In the beginning of December I realised I had not released anything in 2018 because of another project that is in the works. So before the end I set out to create a simple version of Vector Zero for Android and then built upon it later.

The game took a total of about 2 weeks, the project was started at the beginning of December but due to christmas and all that, time was a little scarce. The Unity project was done with relative ease, except for the damn aspect ratio for different devices, but I had to implement the letter box effect.

You can download the game for free on the Play Store. But the main plan now is to work on Vector Zero to release a fully featured game on the Android by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019

Art work: Zoe Payne
Music: Nick Streeter